Welcome to our Police, Firefighters, and EMT Advanced Certification Training Programs page. At Drive Fear Free, we understand the importance of keeping our communities safe and the critical role that emergency responders play in achieving this goal. That’s why we’ve designed advanced certification training programs specifically tailored for police officers, firefighters, and EMTs.

Our small footprint simulator is a valuable tool for emergency responders to learn and improve their driving skills in a safe and controlled environment. We offer a range of programs that cover various emergency response scenarios, including high-speed pursuits, emergency vehicle operations, and defensive driving techniques.

Our experienced instructors provide hands-on training to help emergency responders become more confident and skilled drivers. We also offer certification courses that can enhance their career prospects and increase their chances of promotion.

Benefits of our Police, Firefighters, and EMT Advanced Certification Training Programs:

1)  Learn and practice driving skills in a safe environment

2)  Gain confidence and experience in handling emergency response vehicles

3)  Improve your driving techniques and decision-making abilities

4)  Increase your chances of promotion and career advancement

5)  Earn certifications to demonstrate your skills and training

At Drive Fear Free, we are committed to helping our emergency responders become the best drivers they can be. Contact us today to learn more about our advanced certification training programs and how we can help you achieve your career goals.